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Lone Grove Residents Dispute Over Sewer Line


LONE GROVE, OKLAHOMA -- Some residents in Lone Grove are upset that contractors cut across their property to prepare to install a new sewer line.

Modina and Barney Allen have pictures to show what their back yard used to look like.

"He assured us nothing would happen until we had a chance to visit with the appraisers," said Barney Allen.

That is what the Allen's and their neighbors say Lone Grove city officials told them about eminent domain proceedings regarding their property on October 18.

"I understand the sewer is going to come through," said Robin Porter, a neighbor living next door to the Allens. "But we were told by the city of Lone Grove in a meeting over a year ago, that they would have our property assessed."

When the Allens and Porters left their homes on October 18, the area was filled with trees and brush. When they returned on October 21, the area was cleared out.

"We were angry at the time," said Allen, when the returned to find trees on their property cut down.

The Allens were away in Oklahoma City for a doctor's appointment.

Robin Porter was gone on business and Kathy on a weekend vacation.

"It's really upsetting to be told nothing is going to happen and then it happens," said Allen. "When you're not here and not expecting it."

Both the Allens and Porters say they received letters after the October 21 notifying them the assessors are scheduled to come by the property within one month's time.

KTEN News stopped by Lone Grove city hall to try and talk to the city manager, but he was not there, and hasn't returned any phone calls.

Porter says the sewer line will also cut diagonally through three more acres of his property to the north.

"I was planning on building a house later on over there, but it looks like I won't be able to now," said Porter.

Moving forward, the Porters and Allens say they hope the city communicates more clearly.

"If they'd be just a little more up front with us, I'd be as happy as could be," said Porter. "Maybe that'll happen in the future, I hope it does."

The Allens and Porters say they are waiting for the appraisers to come and assess their property to make a compensation offer.