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Sen. Paddack Hosts "Career Discovery Day" in Pontotoc County


ADA, OK--Thanks to an Oklahoma senator, thousands of students from one local county are getting a head start down the career path of their choice.

Studies show that approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners. Many Pontotoc County students agree it's the best way to learn.

"It helps a lot more to be hands on, because learning it in a book doesn't have the same experience," said freshman Justin Miller.

Jordan Lawalin said, "I'm not really good in the books, so it's better to come and see it with your eyes and see people doing it."

Four hundred fifty ninth graders participated in "Career Discovery Day"--a program started by Oklahoma senator Susan Paddack, who says she had one goal in mind.

"The whole point is we want our kids to know the importance of making good choices now, making career decisions early on, or at least exploring what their options are so that they can maximize their educational opportunities."

Freshmen chose the jobs that most interested them, and then visited local businesses to see it for themselves. In total, there were 18 different interest groups.

"Some of our students are in the county courtroom doing a mock trial, some of our students are at the hospital, and some of them are working with robots," said Paddack.

Paddack toured the CLEET facility with the students interested in law enforcement.

She says programs like this have the most impact.

"Well this is my passion. Education has always been my passion, and really it's important for Oklahoma that our children have the best educational opportunities possible."

"Career Discovery Day" is also available to Pontotoc County's eighth and tenth grade students. Paddack says she plans on opening the same program in Stratford in 2014.