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Texoma high school football power rankings: Week 9


Note: these rankings are solely based on how well a team is playing. For example, a Class 4A team would more than likely handle any Class A team no matter records.

Last week's rankings

10. Pottsboro Cardinals: 8-1, (5-0) - 241 PF, 180 PA - LW: NR

The Pottsboro Cardinals are making their top 10 debut in the KTEN Power Rankings. Their only loss came in non-district play against our No. 8 Gunter Tigers. They've got a bye week in Week 10 and can lock down a school record third straight district championship Friday against Sunnyvale.

9. Ada Cougars: 7-1, (5-0) - 295 PF, 150 PA - LW: #10

The Ada Cougars are making a jump from No. 10 to 9 after a huge home win against the AP's No. 10 Harrah Panthers. It was a little too close for comfort, but the Cougars can hang their hats on a seven game winning streak and a shot at another 4A-2 title.

8. Gunter Tigers: 7-1, (3-0) - 241 PF, 86 PA - LW: #8

The Gunter Tigers are standing pat despite a huge win over Leonard last Friday. They've got another tough test Friday night against our No. 3 S&S Rams. Winner will absolutely be in the top 5 come next Monday.

7.  Whitesboro Bearcats: 7-1, (4-0) - 335 PF, 92 PA - LW: #7

Not enough can be said about these Whitesboro Bearcats. They are every bit as good as their record shows. Last Friday, Pilot Point would come to town with likely the district title on the line and Whitesboro wouldn't even flinch winning 37-10 and looking like they may be poised for a deep playoff run.

6. Ringling Blue Devils: 6-1, (5-0) - 297 PF, 48 PA - LW: #6

Ringling stands pat despite their 49 point win over Empire. Still the only blemish on that record came at the hands of our No. 2 Davis Wolves. Tracy Gandy's squad is looking to do something no Ringling team has ever done - defend a title.

5. Lone Grove Longhorns: 7-1, (5-0) - 411 PF, 194 PA - LW: #5

They're not moving, but they're maintaining. The Lone Grove Longhorns are coming off their biggest win of the season. Purcell was supposed to be a tough test, but not for Jeremy Turner's boys.  They sent the Dragons packing to the tune of 56-40, they've now won seven straight and all that separates them from a winner take all Week 10 matchup with Plainview is the Dickson Comets.

4. Ardmore Tigers: 7-1, (5-0) - 216 PF, 61 PA - LW: #4

Don't have to go far down the road to find our No. 4. For the second consecutive week, the Ardmore Tigers sit at No. 4 and their domination of District 5A-1 continues. They'd welcome Capitol Hill to Noble Stadium this past week and only allow three points while hanging 35 on the board.  They've got Altus this week followed by a highly anticipated Week 10 showdown against Lawton MacArthur.

3. S&S Rams: 8-0, (3-0) - 351 PF, 119 PA - LW: #2

The S&S Rams are moving down a spot from No. 2-to-3 but it has nothing with what they've been doing on the field. Coach Garrett Patterson's offensive juggernaut hung another 50 plus points on the scoreboard in their battle in Bells. This week's matchup though will separate the men from the boys in Texas 7-2A as the Gunter Tigers head to Sadler for a district showdown. We'll be previewing that matchup throughout the week here on KTEN.

2. Davis Wolves: 8-0, (4-0) - 359 PF, 121 PA - LW: #3

The Davis Wolves playing a little leap frog, just like Blake Summers in their game against Kingston last Friday. Jody Weber's state runner ups from a year ago are the real deal once again. Look for them to prance into the playoffs and go for 15-0.

1. Plainview Indians 8-0, (5-0) - 396 PF, 57 PA - LW: #1

The Plainview Indians are not budging. This team may have what it takes to go the distance.    Since their week one showdown in Tuttle they've outscored their opponents a total of 377-42 an average of 54-6. They still have Lone Grove to get through but it is tough to think these guys won't be hosting two playoff games come Weeks 11 and 12.

Teams dropping from rankings:

9. Thackerville Wildcats - Week 8: 66-22 win against Arkoma

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