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Four bus routes now connect Sherman and Denison


GRAYSON COUNTY -- For the first time, there are fixed bus routes for public transportation in Sherman and Denison.

TAPS held a soft opening for the routes earlier this month, but now, the expansion is full speed ahead.

For years, bus riders in Sherman and Denison had to call the TAPS office in Denison to schedule a pick-up at least one day in advance.

But beginning in October, all they have to do is walk to any of the stops bus drivers now make along the new Viking Route.

"The Viking Route is going to be huge," TAPS CEO Brad Underwood said. "They can just board the bus and go."

The Viking Route is actually four different loops connecting various sections of Sherman and Denison.

Common to each of them is a stop at Grayson College where the inspiration for the expansion unknowingly began more than four years ago.

"It wasn't really about expanding the route," Grayson College president Jeremy McMillen said. "We started looking at the route and where the students were getting demand response and looking at where they would go to their houses and pick them up, and realized, that it would be a smart idea to put another fixed route in."

In all, the routes will make 45 stops in both cities -- 27 in Sherman and 18 in Denison.

In addition to Grayson College, Midway Mall in Sherman and the Morton Street Plaza in Denison are also hubs for the new routes, where riders can connect as far north as Durant and south to McKinney.

For the general public, riding the Viking Route will cost $1 per trip. Riders can also pay $20 for a month of unlimited trips. Students at Grayson College can ride for free with a valid student ID card. 

McMillen says easy access to transportation, like the new TAPS routes, can be a make or break for students considering enrolling in college.

"It's just a huge financial impact for our students and being able to say, ‘Here's a way for you to be able to continue to go to college.' It's really exponentially pays off for us and for our students," McMillen said.

Stops are made about every hour. Riders can check pick-up times and locations through the TAPS website.