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UPDATE: Oklahoma Innocence Project calls for retrial in Ada murder case


UPDATE [Oct 21, 2013] -- A motion filed by the Oklahoma Innocence Project on behalf of an Ada man convicted of murder will move forward.

Karl Fontenot has been in prison for 28 years. He was convicted of murdering Donna Haraway who disappeared from a convenience store in Ada in 1984. Fontenot has maintained his innocence.

In July, the Oklahoma Innocence Project filed an appeal application for post-conviction relief, as well as a request for hundreds of documents it says were never disclosed to Fontenot's defense attorneys.

A district judge in Pontotoc County has now granted that request.

The records and evidence must be given to the court before December 31.

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UPDATE [Sept 2013] -- Monday, the Oklahoma Innocence Project appeared before a Ponotoc County District Court judge on behalf of Karl Fontenot.

Brook Arbeitman, spokesperson for the Oklahoma City University School of Law, issued this statement:

"The Oklahoma Innocence Project (OIP) was in Ponotoc County District Court today on behalf of client Karl Fontenot. Tiffany Murphy appeared before Judge Tom Landrith who heard her motion for discovery in the Fontenot case. We expect Judge Landrith to make a ruling on the motion later this week."

[Posted: Jul 25, 2013 10:50 PM CDT]
PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK -- Representatives for the "Oklahoma Innocence Project" at OCU's school of law have announced they believe a man convicted of  murder in the 80's is innocent. 

Karl Fontenot is serving a life sentence without parole for the 1984 killing of Donna Denise Haraway in Ada.  

Investigators with the Oklahoma Innocence Project say they believe there were many inconsistencies throughout the case that could grant Fontenot a re-trial.  

But, Pontotoc County District Attorney Chris Ross disagrees. He believes there is not enough evidence to warrant a re-trial.

"Well, they aren't jurors, you know. Thirty-six jurors heard this evidence and 36 jurors found Ward and Fontenot guilty," Ross said.

Ross says there is no new evidence, such as DNA, that would prove Fontenot's innocence.  

The state of Oklahoma has 30-days to respond to the documents filed.