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Sherman Man Arrested in Connection with 2 Armed Robberies


SHERMAN, TX-- A man is behind bars after police said he robbed two different convenience stores at gun point in Sherman and Denison.@

A clerk at the Exxon station on Lamar in Sherman says when a man walked into the store just before midnight Tuesday somehow she knew he was up to something.

"He was asking a lot of questions, he was casing her, he was going to hit her, we're sure of it," said Michael Cameron, Store Manager.

When police arrived officers arrested 21-year-old Lance McFarland.

They say he robbed the Get and Go on the corner of Crocket and Travis street in Sherman just 3 hours earlier.

"The male pulled out the gun and pointed it at both the clerk and the customer and demanded money, the money was given to the suspect and once he left he fled on foot," said Sgt. D.M Hampton, Sherman Police Department.

Police said McFarland also robbed the chevron on Texoma parkway at 691 Sunday night.

Police said when they made the arrest, officers initially didn't notice him until McFarland approached an officer and asked him for a ride home.

"The officer that he approached actually recognized some of the tattoos that he had from a robbery that occurred in Denison," said Hampton.

Authorities said no one was hurt in either of the robberies.

McFarland is being held at the Grayson County Jail on an aggravated robbery charge.