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Pinpointing The Nation


PINPOINTING THE NATION -- Crazy Stories From Across The States.   

PENNYSLVANIA - Dead baby found in Bar Toilet:
It was a tragic end to a night on the town when workers at a bar in Philadelphia made a gruesome discovery inside a toilet.

     That story tops tonight's pinpointing the nation.

     Investigators say the a cleaning crew found a dead baby in a plastic bag.. Inside a restroom toilet.
     Police arrested a woman they say delivered the baby alive while partying at the bar.

"A child that was basically a full term baby born and whether it was one hour old, ten minutes old, or a year old. It's a person and this person's life was taken."

      Police say the 26-year old mother has admitted she delivered the baby in a booth at the bar then stuffing it in the toilet.
      She's charged with murder.

FLORIDA - High speed chase:
     It was a wild scene in south Florida as police chased a burglary suspect at high speeds through 3 counties. 
    At one point 3 men bailed out of the car and took off in different directions jumping fences and running through backyards.
     Police eventually caught up with them and took them to jail.

NORTH DAKOTA - Truck on fence:
      It was chaos on a north Dakota highway when a man  lost control of his truck.. Hit a pole and landed on several cars parked in a lot.
     Police say the crash sparked two other accidents as drivers tried to catch a glimpse and snap pictures of this pile-up.
     About 8 cars were destroyed or damaged in the crash.
     Several people were hurt.
     No word yet on why it happened.

MINNESOTA - wolf attacks camper:
     A camping trip in a Minnesota forest turns wild.. When a teen is viciously attacked by a wolf.

"the wolf just came up from behind Noah, they didn't hear anything and just grabbed him by the back of the head and wouldn't let go."

     Wildlife agents say attacks by wolves are almost unheard of.
     They're trying to figure out if this one was caused by rabies.
     The teen is expected to make a full recovery.

MICHIGAN - Big cat mystery>
     And finally...
     A large exotic cat that kept residents of a Detroit neighborhood in fear -- is dead.
     The cat was found in a trash can.. After it had been shot and killed.
    The cat, some say as tall as 4 feet, was freely roaming the streets for about a month.
     The residents complained about the unusual and some say aggressive animal to authorities but no actions were taken.
     And that's tonight's pinpointing the nation.