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Misappropriation Of Funds At Wilson Community Center


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- An investigation is underway in Ardmore, after allegations of embezzlement at a local community center.

The HFV Wilson Community Center hosts a wealth of programs from after school programs to summer day camp and even bingo.

"The Wilson Community Center is vital I think for the citizens of Ardmore because there's lots of services offered either free or at very, very low cost to make them accessible to everybody in the community of Ardmore," said Kevin Boatright, Director of Ardmore Parks and Recreations.

But the center is without an executive director.

Kurt Lemley was terminated on August 20.

After Boatright and the HFV board of directors say they found a misappropriation of funds on the center's credit card for a summer program.

Lemley made admissions to Boatright, which led to a limited review of a program's finances. Ultimately leading to the finding of the debt on the card to be over twenty-three thousand dollars.

Despite the ongoing embezzlement investigation with Ardmore police, Boatright says the financial issues will not effect activities here at the Wilson Community Center.

Right now, the center is run by Ardmore park & rec's assistant director Teresa Ervin.

As for filling the position permanently...

"Really we're just taking it one step at a time," said Boatright. "We think we need to handle this investigation first and wait for the results of that. And then after that, start thinking about what we're doing in the future and moving forward."

Boatright says the amount Lemley is accused of embezzling will be determined by the investigation. 

He also says the current bills and payroll for the center have been paid.