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Burn Ban Extended for Grayson County


GRAYSON COUNTY, OK-- Drought conditions in Grayson County are causing officials to keep a burn ban in place for at least another week.

"I think its good it's getting too dry here; I don't want to get burnt up around here because it's getting way too dry to have fires around here anymore," said camper Donnie Duckworth.

Campers here in parts of Lake Texoma say they're not going to let drought conditions ruin their plans for the weekend.

"No, I enjoy it here without fires, it's really nice here, and this is a good park," said Duckworth.

A burn ban was put into place on August 20th in Grayson County due to drought conditions.

County commissioners consider a burn ban whenever the drought index reaches 600 or more on the Keetch Byrum Drought index.

Right now the index sits at 663.

"Some areas in Grayson County are dryer than others like up here at Preston it's not as dry as it is in Gunter, but overall the average is 600," said Kevin Walton, Grayson County Fire Marshal.

The ban doesn't prohibit people from cooking outdoors, but it does prohibit campers from making camp fires, something park officials say will hurt business.

"It does effect business, people want to be able to come out and sit around the campfires especially with the cooler temperatures that we expect this fall," said Paul Kisel, Eisenhower State Park Superintendent.

Grayson county fire Marshal Kevin Walton says last summer the ban was put into place in July and although the ban was put into effect more than a month later this year, conditions are still the same.

"We're battling out three years worth of dead trees, you know we had a wet spring, we have that growth out there and it's dying and now the summer grass is dying heading out and dying too," said Walton.

The burn ban also prohibits people burning trash and brush.

County commissioners are set to meet next Tuesday to see whether or not conditions have improved.

As of now, Oklahoma does not have a burn ban.