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Intersection Known for Crashes Seeing Safety Improvements


CALERA, OK---- A recent car crash at the intersection of Highway 75 and North McKinley Road in Calera on Sunday left one teen girl dead and four others hurt.

Residents in Bryan County said this isn't the first time they've seen an accident like this one happen at these crossroads and are asking how safe they are.

Today, Calera police officer Jeff Wilson said this intersection, as well as two others just off the highway, were once a major safety hazard for the city.

"We don't have any overpasses in Calera, so the only way for someone on the East side of town to get to the West part of town, or vice versa, was to cross the highway," Wilson said. "This caused a lot of accidents. "

Wilson said the intersections are now much safer thanks to the installation of safety lights three years ago at the problematic intersections. Before the lights were installed, he said there were about 100 accidents a year at the intersections and that roughly one to three of them produced fatalities.

Now, those numbers have dropped. Wilson said Sunday's crash was the first fatal that's occurred at these three intersections since the safety lights were installed and that in total, there are only about 40 accidents a year happening at these locations.