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Pinpointing The Nation


PINPOINTING THE NATION:  Crazy Stories From Across The States

LOUSIANA - 8-year old kills sitter after playing video game>

Police say a young boy shot the 87-year old woman in the back of the head while she was watching TV      They say he pulled the trigger just minutes after playing "Grand Theft Auto IV" -- a game that awards points for killing people. "It's a shock to me as well as anyone else because everything has been so peaceful."       The boy is being held on murder charges.

FLORIDA - 9-year old girl attacked at best buy>      

A 9-year old Florida girl is lucky to be alive after she was brutally attacked inside a Best Buy.     Investigators say after a man lured her into a restroom he beat her and put a plastic bag over her  head.  Then held it down in the toilet. "By the grace of god the customer and employees got in when they did."       Police arrested the man and charged him with attempted murder.  

FLORIDA - Home invasion 911 girl>      

it was a scary night home alone for a 13-year old Florida girl when burglars broke in. "911 dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?  girl: there's some people in our house."  Police say the girl huddled inside a bathroom while the guys ransacked her home.      They took off before police arrived.      The girl is okay.

MASSACHUSETTS - Courtroom chaos>      

It was anything but "order in the court" when chaos erupted at a murder trial in Boston.      As prosecutors described in detail how the victim was stabbed 70 times the victim's brother lunged at the man accused of killing him.      Court officers stopped him.       No one was seriously hurt.

MASSACHUSETTS - Truck drives in to store>      

Shoppers at a Massachusetts convenience store got more than they bargained for when a pick-up truck slammed into the place and the driver just kept going.      One customer narrowly escaped being hurt by jumping over the counter.   "I heard a loud crash and some squealing tires and I knew something was amiss."      Eventually the driver was able to back out and speed away.      Police eventually caught him.      Miraculously no one was hurt.

MISSOURI --  Window washer rescue>      

It was a dramatic rescue over the streets of St. Louis after a window washer got stuck outside an apartment building.      Witnesses say the man fell about 6 feet before rescue crews were able to pull him to safety.      No word yet why it happened.

SOUTH CAROLINA - Funeral in renters back yard>      

And finally...      A south Carolina man is looking for a new place to live after he found out his landlord is using his backyard as a cemetery.      He says he called police when a funeral procession showed up.  "The hearse pulled up and pulled the body out in a sheet.  Just a plain old white sheet.  There's a good 40 to 60 people out here."      The coroner's office says 11 bodies are buried in the yard and there's nothing illegal about it.   And that's tonight's pinpointing the nation.