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Back to School in North Texas


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- School zones were flashing again Monday morning as parents hustled to get their kids to school on-time for the first day of the new year.

"My daughter is so excited to go back to school and she is looking forward to being with the teachers and the students," says Ellen Mallillin, a parent.

Administrators at Mayes Elementary in Denison say the first day went very well.

"The parents came in ready to go, ready to get those little ones back in class and the kids came in with lots of summer stories but they were all anxious and ready to be back at school," says Natalie Hicks, Principal of Mayes Elementary School.

Cooper Mims says while his son enjoyed his summer vacation he's been ready to get back to school and see all his friends.

"He's been excited for the last three or four days."

"It's really nice, we're really grateful and thankful that the kids can go back to school this year," says Gloria Throne, a parent.

With a new year of course comes changes.

"This year Mayes Elementary has added a third grade bi-lingual so our bi-lingual program continues to grow," explains Hicks.

And with about 40 more kids than last year some new teachers had to be added.

"We are hiring a new kindergarten teacher. That's exciting due to enrollment numbers," says Hicks.

At Dillingham Intermediate teachers and staff are ready to apply what they have learned over the summer.

"We are excited to implement these things you've learned or things that you've gained from training or a new idea or a new initiative that you have so we are really excited to start," explains Brett Counce, Principal of Dillingham Intermediate School.

Teachers say while passing tests are important, it is all about making progress.

"We are trying to make sure that our teachers recognize our student progress on a weekly basis about the progress ... and let that be the measure of success," says Counce.