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Pontotoc County Authorities Search for 'Armed and Dangerous' Man


PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK-- Authorities in Pontotoc County are searching for a man they said kidnapped his ex-girlfriend over the weekend.

"Well I just think it was really awful, it was about 3 a.m. and we heard some shooting," said resident Shirley Delozier.

People in one quiet Pontotoc County neighborhood said they woke up to shots fired early Sunday morning.

"I thought at first it was thunder at first," said Delozier.

Authorities said 23-year-old Ramey Reamy kidnapped his ex- girlfriend Brittni Etier after he went to her home to get his car back.

Investigators said Reamy grabbed Etier by the neck and took her to a home on county road on 3510.

"Deputies received a call from the victim's sister stating that she had received a call from her sister stating that she was being held against her will," said Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian.

Christian said when officers arrived on the scene. the suspect's pit bull charged at an officer and they fired two shots killing the animal.

Christian said Reamy ran to see what happened, giving Etier a chance to escape.

Investigators said once the woman was out of the home safely, deputies threw tear gas inside breaking several windows.

"During that period unknown to the deputies, Reamy escaped through a north resident window and took off on foot," said Christian.

Authorities said Etier suffered minor injuries.

Officials urge anyone with any information to contact the Pontotoc county sheriff's office.

(580) -332-4169