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Child Killed In Two-Vehicle Crash At Calera Stoplight


CALERA, OK -- A fatal accident at a stoplight in Bryan County left a car crushed against a pole and caused traffic delays on a major highway.

A family of three from Arlington, Texas, was in the car, and a child inside was killed while two others were taken by helicopter, Police Chief Don Hyde said in a statement. Two men in a pickup truck were taken to a local hospital.

Several witnesses were there during the aftermath. One waitress was busy doing her job  when the accident happened right at the corner.

"I just heard the other carhop say, 'Somebody call 911!' so we just stopped what we were doing," says witness Melanie McClure.

Witnesses say a southbound truck collided with a car around 11 a.m. on Highway 69/75, leaving it wrapped around the stoplight pole at North McKinley.

Soon, first responders arrived to help those hurt. "We saw them pull them out of the car and then put them in an ambulance and then once the helicopters landed then they took them out of the ambulance and put them in the choppers," says McClure.

After the crash happened, workers next door at the Sonic restaurant say people started stopping and rushing over to try to help those in the car.

"One lady came out here and asked if they could get a knife and a straw. I guess they were going to try to do a tracheotomy," says witness Shane Sheffield.

Workers at the restaurant say they also got water at the request of some bystanders who were trying to revive one of the dogs that had been ejected from the car, but it was to no avail.

"We were wondering why they had the red light closed down but I guess this is why," says driver Jan Malone.

"We just heard the sirens and then somebody must have got a text message and said they'd had a wreck up here," says Joe Wakefield, who came from church to see what happened.

Further north, officers directed traffic at the Choctaw Road intersection before the crash could be cleared. Meantime, those who were there during the aftermath of the crash went back to work as they tried to process what happened.

"We all had our meltdown, we were all crying," says McClure. "We don't even know the people but it tears your heart out, especially when there's children involved."

We're still working to get more information on the victims. There's no word on what caused the crash.