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911 Tape Of Duncan Shooting Released


DUNCAN, OK -- Oklahoma officials have released the 9-1-1 call that a woman made when she saw a young man standing in the road and fall into a ditch.

That man was Australian athlete Christopher Lane who was gunned down while jogging alongside a Duncan road.

His alleged shooters have said they did it because they were bored.

"911. Where is your emergency?" "There is a young man.  He just fell over in the ditch, and he's got blood on him."  

It's 2:57 in the afternoon on Friday, August 16th.   You're hearing the frantic voice of Joyce Smith she lives about a mile away from where she found the staggering and bloody body of a young man.

He'd been shot and left for dead.  "He was standing in the roadway and he fell over and as I come by he just fell over in the ditch.  I'm kind of afraid to go over to him.  I don't know him," said smith.

He's 23 year old Christopher Lane. "He's got on blue pants with a white stripe and a gray shirt, and he's got blood on his back."

But Joyce isn't the only one who stopped to help so did another man a possible witness. "He said he heard the shot and he knows what the car looks like."

Now a crowd near the intersection of Plato and Twilight beach Lane and it's growing in numbers and in fear for Christopher's life.  

Just moments earlier the young man was barely standing in the street.  Now he's in a ditch and fading fast.   "Tell them to hurry.  They're on their way. They're on their way. Calm down. He's turning blue." .

It's hard to make out in all the commotion but among it is Christopher's voice crying out in pain. "Is he talking to you right now?" "No, he's just 'ohhh, ohhhh.' That's all he's doing, making the noise."

Still alive and holding on at this point it's been three minutes since Joyce made the call to 911.   "He's not conscious.  Is he still breathing?  Barely."

People in the background pleading for emergency crews to hurry then a sign of hope. "He just took a breath." minute 5.

"I don't hear any sirens or nothing." Another minute passes a woman shows up and helps give CPR.

"If you don't hurry, he's gone."  "They can't come any faster.  They're on the way." "Has he stopped breathing?  Yes.  Yes.  They said he has."

Minute 7. "Finally here's some police." "Can I get off?" "You can. Thank you, ma'am." "Alright. Thank you. Bye."