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Texoma Medical Center Announces Plans For Upper Floors


DENISON, TX -- The Texoma Medical Center will be opening some new rooms by the end of the year. The hospital announced today the plans for the upper floors of their main campus.    

Texoma Medical Center is one of the busiest hospitals in the region.

"We're actually running full right now," said Ron Seal, CEO of Texoma Medical Center. "We're all the way full. So we need some additional floors, some additional beds."

And help is on the way. The TMC announced Wednesday that it will be adding two expansion projects to its main campus.

"It's just going to help us to meet more needs," said Seal.

"The whole idea by building the shells in the beginning, was for this day," said Denison Mayor Jared Johnson. "That the needs would be to completely run at capacity and build those additional floors out, and that's what we're seeing."

The hospital will open two additional labor and delivery suites, due in early September. As well as pediatric and surgery units on the seventh floor.

The seventh floor of the TMC will house thirty-eight new beds and is projected to be completed by the end of this year.

Ron Seal says the hospital is fortunate to be adding staff and services during this growth period.  

"Many hospitals unfortunately nationwide, are having to reduce services and cut back on staff,: said Seal. "We're extremely blessed to be able to add staff, add new services as we grow."

And that's not the only thing TMC will help grow.

"They're going to add another 100 employees to service and take care of the needs of the patients, those dollars again get spread throughout the community because those employees live in the region," said Johnson. "They live in Denison, they live in Sherman, they live in Howe. They come here and they work and they take good care of patients. It's just a huge economic boost."

While the economic boost and new floors will help the surrounding community, Seal says the mission remains the same.

"We want to ensure that we have the utmost quality of care here, the best that anyone can receive anywhere," said Seal.

The hospital plans to begin work on the eighth floor when the seventh is completed.

Seal says he expects the top floor to finish by the end of 2014.