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Sherman Chamber of Commerce Hosts Leadership Program


SHERMAN, TX--The Sherman Chamber of Commerce is guaranteeing that members of its "Leadership Sherman" program are getting a front-row seat to all aspects of the community and walking away with an experience that will help mold their futures.

"Leadership Sherman" was started  several years ago as a fun way to educate local business representatives about different aspects of Texoma.

Participants take monthly field trips. On Wednesday, the group traveled to SEDCO, Grayson College, Texas Instruments, Sunny Delight and Tyson Foods.

John Kyker, Tyson's human resources manager and leadership member, said: "During one visit we may go visit the local museums, maybe we focus on health care during one of our trips...So you get to see a little bit of everything."

At Tyson, members suited up for a behind-the-scenes tour of the meat packaging and distribution process.

Kyker says the program is helpful in answering many community questions.

"How does Grayson County College work with other entities?" asked Kyker. "And what is the best way to really engage and make a bigger difference? That's what I believe I've seen out of it so far."

Eddie Brown, the vice president and CEO of the Sherman Chamber of Commerce, says "Leadership Sherman" has the potential to shape the futures of its members.

"This helps prepare them for other things they might choose to do long term," said Brown. "Whether that's in the community, maybe in an elected position...Or just helping out in local nonprofits."

Tyson representatives say the program means more than just taking monthly field trips.

Kyker said: "Making a difference really means getting in the community and making the impact. Helping where we can and supporting those that need help."

The program will be wrapping up soon, and participants will be considered graduates of "Leadership Sherman." After the year-long program, they will have networked and made connections that will help further their careers.