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More Students Turning to Hybrid Classes for their Education


SHERMAN, TX----- Online classes have become a popular way for students to gain college credit, but some say there are certain aspects to them that make learning difficult. Instead of taking online courses, they're opting for classes that combine traditional face-to-face learning with online coursework. These classes are called hybrid classes.

As dozens of students enrolled at Grayson College this afternoon, Dr. Brandy Fair was preparing for a hybrid speech class that she'll be teaching this fall.

"In a hybrid course at Grayson at least 50% of the course is done online through our learning management system which is called Blackboard," Dr. Fair said. "Then some students come to class every other week, some come every other day and for me it's once a month."

Most of the coursework for Dr. Fair's hybrid class is placed online which allows students to access video lectures, reading assignments and tests on their own time. However, unlike courses which are taught strictly online, she said she visits with her students and allows them to present assignments a few times a semester.

"They get the best of both worlds," Dr. Fair said. "They get the flexibility to do what they need to do at home, but they also get to see me, talk to me and ask me questions on a regular basis."

"Grayson started doing these classes for a number of reasons," said Grayson College spokesperson Shelle Cassell. "It is convenient for the students, but it also allows us to use the space better because the same class can use the same classroom on different days," Cassell said.

This is something that she said the college needs. This year, she said there are more students enrolled at Grayson College than ever before which makes the need for hybrid classes even bigger.

In total, about 8% of the total student population enrolled in hybrid classes this semester.