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Council Votes To Demolish Old School Building


DENISON, TX --  The Denison city council decided Monday night to demolish an old school building deemed hazardous.

Council members voted to tear down the old central Ward school on West Morton Street.      

Building inspectors say pieces are falling off the building and they could hurt or kill someone.      

The school closed back in 1979 and is now in the hands of a private owner.

He says he wants to preserve the building and turn it into something functional for the community.

"I hope that some people, like I said, who have some money, who love the building, who appreciate this and the ideas behind this "Benjamin Franklin Castle the multi cultural center and chess academy, and the benefits that we can get from that, then it would help us," said building owner James Roa.  

Demolition of the old school is expected to cost  the city about  $200,000 dollars.