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Man Disappears From Marina Boathouse At Lake Texoma

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Authorities have called off the search for a man at Lake Texoma. After darkness fell, the search for a man believed to be missing in the waters off a local marina wrapped up, as anguished family members waited for answers.

Firefighters arrived at the Eisenhower Yacht Club at Eisenhower State Park near Denison around 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Fire Captain Michael Flippo says the owner of a boat slip was doing some work there with his employee on Friday, and the employee was supposed to be going home last night.

But on Saturday, the employee's white pickup truck was still there but there was no sign of him. Family members say the missing man is in his late 30's from Fort Worth and was working here.

Four Denison Fire Department divers searched for the man and they found only his baseball cap in the water, Flippo said.

"He works for somebody that owns this place or has a boat in here or something," says the missing man's cousin Tony Ledesma. "We don't know what he was doing here. He went to work yesterday morning. He just never came home. That's when we started making phone calls to find out where he was at. So when he called his boss, we found that he came over here and when we came over that's when we found his truck."

Flippo says right now they don't know for sure that anyone is in the water. Family members were visibly distraught, many of them just arriving on Saturday evening from Fort Worth.

Game wardens from Texas Parks and Wildlife and Army Corps park rangers and a search boat  responded to the scene. Divers did search about five boat slips at the marina, but they did not find anyone. Right now, there are not any plans to do another dive on Sunday.