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Sherman Murder Suspect Sent For Mental Evaluation


SHERMAN, TX -- A man charged with killing his wife has been found incompetent to stand trial, but he could still be put on trial following a period of mental evaluation.

Prosecutors say Candelario Luna, 64, admitted to shooting his wife three times at their home on South Willow Street back in November.

Both the prosecution psychologist and a second psychologist appointed by the court determined that he could not understand the case and help with his defense.

"He will go to mental treatment at a hospital and hopefully, we believe that he will with medication and treatment be brought back to competency where he understands what's going on," says District Attorney Joe Brown. "He'll be brought back and we still intend to try him for murder."

Brown says that Luna mistakenly believed his wife was having affairs and may have had damage from a stroke, but so far, he has not yet been properly evaluated. He'll be sent to North Texas State Hospital in Wichita Falls for up to 180 days.