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Pickup Truck On Ramp Rolls Into Lake Texoma


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A fishing trip turned into a major headache after a truck parked on a boat ramp was swallowed by the lake.

A Denison couple fishing at Lake Texoma watched in shock as their pickup truck rolled right into the water, but some divers from Bryan County came to the rescue.

One woman was happy to finally get outdoors and go fishing with her husband after a few days at home battling kidney stones, but suddenly their fun afternoon went south when they lost their wheels.

They had quite a shock when they noticed their pickup truck heading into the lake. "We was sitting there fishing and all of a sudden we heard a pop and a clink clink clink and my truck popped out of park and it's in the bottom of Lake Texoma now," says Jerry Dickson. "And it just went rolling down the hill. There was nothing I could do. I couldn't stop it!"

"I had my eye on the poles. I was sitting there fishing and hanging out and all of a sudden I heard a big old pop noise and sitting there with my husband and looked over, and there went the truck! I mean, it just happened so quickly," says Dawn Dickson.

It happened around 5 p.m. at the boat ramp by the Denison Dam and spillway. Just Wednesday, another pickup truck was pulled from the water at the same place.

"I was driving by and seen a couple tow trucks and thought oh no! I hope we don't have another one!" says Army Corps Park Ranger Shae Harrison.

The couple says they've come here several times boating before, but this time they were just fishing. They had parked the pickup truck on the ramp and they say after about 10 minutes, they noticed it suddenly started rolling toward the water.

"It went way out there and I thought it was gonna stay up on top, but it didn't. It sunk," says Jerry Dickson.

"I'm pretty freaked out about it. I couldn't believe how quickly it sank," says Dawn Dickson.

Some onlookers who saw parts of the other truck rescue couldn't believe it either. "It was the day before yesterday so it's kind of strange that it's two times in a row," says witness Kathleen McDonald from Durant.

"Surprised. I was very surprised it happened again," says fisherman David Day from Allen.

About 7 p.m. on Friday, two divers from the Colbert Fire Department went in, and they got the pickup back on dry land after attaching the hook to a large tow truck.

"You could see the vehicle when you got close to it, had about a foot of visibility, most of it was by feel," says diver Bob Marks.

Marks says they actually pulled a third pickup truck out of there  about a month ago. Harrison says rangers don't encourage anyone to park on a boat ramp for just this reason.