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Officer will be Reassigned from School Resource Officer


ARDMORE, OK--An Ardmore police officer who admitted to sexual misconduct when he was in high school is being reassigned.

City officials say Corporal Barry Antwine is being removed from his post as resource officer with Ardmore Public Schools

According to city officials, Cpl. Barry Antwine will be reassigned and will no longer be working with kids. City manager J.D Spohn says right now they're still looking into the situation and will continue to assess the officer's job status.

Court documents show Antwine entered into a plea deal in 1997 after he admitted to lewd molestation and second-degree rape.     

Antwine was a senior at Wagner high school when he was accused of inappropriately touching a 14-year old girl in a sexual manner in a classroom. According to the deal he was given deferred prosecution.

The news that Antwine is being removed from schools comes as relief to many parents with kids in the system.

"He committed a felony against a minor, he has a record of this which tells me he has violent tendencies and I don't want him around my children," said Parent Angelia Phillips. "Has he redeemed himself since this happened I don't know, maybe to some level but people don't change!"

At least one parent believes Antwine should be given a second chance

"He should still work there, not if they get a bunch of rules and he doesn't apply by them, but I don't see anything wrong with it," said Parent Sheila LaDay.

We tried reaching out to officer Antwine at his home, but got no answer.

We spoke with several residents who didn't want to appear on camera, but the question on everyone's mind is how Antwine became a cop.

City manager J.D  Spohn says since Antwine entered into a plea agreement and was not convicted, he answered the questions honestly when filling out his application with the police department.

While this case does clearly show up on the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website today, city officials say when Antwine was hired in 2004, that search engine did not exist.

Officials with Ardmore Public Schools released a statement.     

Superintendent Sonny Bates said during his time as the district's school resource officer, Antwine "provided the district with excellent and professional service to our students and our staff."

Bates also said he's confident the city will replace Antwine with an outstanding officer to serve as school resource officer.