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Traffic Stop Leads To Recovery Of Guns


SHERMAN, TX -- Ten days ago, about 80 guns were stolen from a West Sherman home. The case break came on a regular traffic stop in Farmer's Branch.  

Investigators obtained information that led to the arrest of four people and a recovery to some of the firearms.

The Grayson County Sheriff's Office says 30 of the 80 stolen guns have been recovered. Deputies say they found most of the guns during a routine traffic stop Monday. Two people were arrested then, and two others were taken into custody in Carrollton, Texas.

"We're delighted to have this many recovered," said Sheriff Keith Gary.    

The guns were taken August 6th from a home on the 6000 block of Plainview Road in west Sherman.

Deputies say about 50 of the guns taken in the burglary are still missing.  

"We need to get em off the street," said Gary. "There are some that we can't account for at this particular point. But yeah, we just need to get them off the street just as soon as possible."

Investigators say they believe the burglars had knowledge of the home when they stole the collection estimated to be worth about fifty thousand dollars.  

"Whoever committed this burglary came well prepared cause they had a grinder which is a metal device for cutting so that's how they got in to get to these firearms," said Gary.

The sheriff says finding the guns was a classic case of several agencies working together, something they say they will continue to do until the rest of the guns are recovered.  

"Well we have hope, but it's probably slim. I wish it weren't that way," said Gary.

Sheriff Gary said the names of the four people arrested have not been released.