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Water Main Break Causes Mess On Denison Street


DENISON, TX -- A water main break caused a big mess on one street and left a few people without water.

It happened near the old Texoma Medical Center, sending water close to an old medical office that's now being used by a charity for children, and leaving some neighbors with nothing coming from their faucets.

The water rolled down the road in denison after bubbling up from the ground. "He said, 'The water's coming from the street! The water's coming from the street!' so I went and checked it out and the water was literally coming up from the street," says North Texas Youth Connection employee Andrew Turnbull.

A water main break around 5 p.m. on Thursday on Martin Luther King Street sent water up against a building used by the Youth Connection.

"Our door down there it's actually more than halfway up, you can't even hardly see the door," says witness Justin Thompson.

"There's some flooding down there. It's nothing too serious right now, but it looks like if you open that back door water would just pour in," says Turnbull. "We're getting ready to move the shelter for kids from ages 10 to 17 in the basement there, so we're trying to get it all re-done."

City crews were able to shut the water off, but a hole was left behind in the middle of the street. The next task was to look at the line which they believe is a 14-inch main and get it repaired.

"When I came home, my neighbor asked me, did we have any water," says nearby resident Archie Favors. "I said, 'I don't know,' so I checked and found out it was turned off."

One resident at the Seasons Apartment says her water didn't just stop in the afternoon. "It's still not on! It was on for like about 30 minutes, I took a shower, and now it's off again and I don't know how long it's been off," says Lillian Perry.

"It's definitely a little excitement in Denison. We don't get much of anything, but it's definitely gonna be an inconvenience to everybody else who has to use the water around here," says Thompson.

As workers took out the damaged portion of pavement using a bulldozer, nearby residents waited to get their water back. "My neighbor, he had just finished with a hot day's work and he went into take a shower and now he's gonna be stinky for a while," says Favors.

Workers broke up part of the street to fix it and around 10 p.m. the water had been turned back on. The Youth Connection moved some older teens in transitional housing a few months ago from Sherman and employees say the water didn't cause much damage inside their building.