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Car Collision in Bells Sends One in a Mediflight Helicopter


BELLS, TX--A head-on car collision on Highway 69 in Bells Wednesday called for some serious assistance from law enforcement and airborne medical personnel. One witness says she arrived just in time to call for help.

Julie Clark says had she left her house any sooner this morning, her life would have been in critical danger.

"If I had been here 30 seconds sooner, that would have been me," Clark said.

Around 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Clark said she was southbound through Bells when she spotted a car on the side of the road that she thought had a flat tire. At a closer look, she noticed the vehicle was missing a door.

What Clark saw was the aftermath of a head-on roll-over that happened just seconds before she arrived at the intersection of Highway 69 and Craft Road. When she got out of the car to survey the scene, Clark says it got worse.

"I get up about 100 feet or so, and there's a car in the tree" said Clark. "So I got out my car, called 911."

Inside the vehicle, Clark found Nancy Rogers, who authorities say was driving a '97 Mazda van. According to authorities, Rogers' vehicle was hit by a car headed south. The wreck sent her vehicle rolling into a tree--leaving her pinned inside. Clark stayed with Rogers until first responders arrived.

"She remembered her name and her husband's name, but she couldn't tell us where she was going or coming from, or where she was at," said Clark. 

Rescuers had to use the "Jaws of Life" to get Rogers out of her car. Around 10:30 a.m., she was flown by mediflight helicopter to the Medical Center of Plano in critical condition.

Authorities say Rogers suffered cuts and a broken leg, but that it is very possible she is sustaining life-threatening injuries. State troopers say that the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash--Vaughn Gentry and his wife Gwendolyn--were rushed to Texoma Medical Center. Their current condition is unknown that this time.