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Ardmore Man's Dream Comes True at Arbuckle Truck Driving School


ARDMORE, OK--Ardmore resident Glenn Nottveit has always dreamed about driving a semi-truck, but certain life circumstances prevented him from doing so. With the help of a local business, he got behind the wheel of one for the first time.

It may just look like any other tractor trailer, but for Glenn Nottveit it's been a dream of his to get behind the wheel of one ever since he was a teenager.

"I told them right there I said, you're kidding me, and they said no I'm not kidding, and I said god bless you!"

Carl Welke, Director of the Arbuckle Truck Driving School said when Good Shepherd Clinic in Ardmore told them about Glenn's wish, he knew he wanted to help Glenn's dream come true.     

"One of the reasons that I work at the school is to see the way the people light up once they actually fulfill one of their dreams and it just makes it worthwhile for me," said Welke.

 Glenn said he first fell in love with the semi-trucks as a teen while working at truck stop

"I got to know all the truck drivers there and they told me about their life on the road and I got to see the rigs out in front of the place. I've wanted to be a truck driver ever since," said Nottveit.

 Officials said the average weight a semi-truck can carry is about 80,000 lbs., and the length is about 70 ft. long. Officials said for his first time driving one of these, Glenn didn't do so badly.

 "He actually did rather well, normal mistakes he wants accelerate in them like you would in pickups, but that's normal thing," said Welke.

Vanesa Ramsey is a director with the Good Shepherd Clinic and said Glen has a pure heart and when he first came to them about his dream, she knew instantly she wanted to help.

"Glen is very loving, he's very sentimental, and he cries if you do anything nice for him," said Ramsey.

At the end of Glenn's truck driving experience, he was officially awarded with a truck driving education certificate.