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ATV Accident Near Tom Bean Sends Teen To Hospital


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A fun weekend outdoors for one family took a turn for the worse when an ATV rolled over in the woods just outside of Tom Bean.

The teenager was out in the woods on a family piece of land when the wreck happened. Rescuers were soon trying to get into the area to help him.

The ATV flipped in a remote wooded area on a property just north of Tom Bean. "We arrived on the scene and went down we had to find him in the creek bed," says Tom Bean Fire Chief James Dixon.

Firefighters were called around 11 a.m. on Saturday to Jackson Road, where a 13-year-old from Lewisville was out riding when his parents heard a loud noise.

"He had rolled down and it was laying on its side," says the boy's father Mark Johnson. "It looked like it had rolled all the way to the top and collapsed the roll bar and that's what hit his head. But then it settled down on its side and we were able to get it off of him."

"The patient was still down in the creek probably about half a mile off the main access road so we hiked down to him and recovered him from the creek," says Dixon.

A Whitewright ambulance rushed the boy to the parking lot at Tom Bean High School. Firefighters say because the teen had a possible injury to the head which is always considered potentially serious, he was not taken to either of the two local hospitals. Instead, a helicopter came and brought him to Children's Hospital in Dallas.

"He was shaken up a little bit. He had a cut on his forehead, we were worried more about other types of injuries," says Johnson.

The chopper landed around 11:35 and took off several minutes later. "Me and my dad was down at the barn hooking a tractor and stuff we was gonna do a little blading stuff on the road and he seen the ambulances and stuff going in something was going on," says neighbor Greg Counts.

Counts drove down the trails and helped the father retrieve the ATV. "It looked like 18 or 20 foot drop from where he rolled it. He was very lucky he said he had his seatbelt on so that's probably what saved his life."