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Durant Business Hosts Blood Drive


DURANT, OK--A local business in Durant celebrated its 10-year anniversary in a very selfless way on Friday. Through its efforts, the lives of 60 people will be saved.

In an effort to show their appreciation and give back to the community, Health Back Home Health hosted a blood drive and cookout today.

Tara Trobaugh, business developer for Health Back, said: "Our first and foremost thing is that we hope we get enough blood. And then just to let people know we're here to help them with any health issues they may have."

Trobaugh said it's extremely easy to spend 15 minutes giving blood in order to save someone's life.

"That's one of the best gifts you can do is save someone's life," said Trobaugh. "I mean how much better does that get?" 

Health Back representatives said they hoped to get around 30 donations from the drive, but by the end of the day they had 20. Unfortunately nine people were turned down due to iron deficiency.

Locals say the cause is necessary and more than worth it--even if people are nervous about giving blood.  

Local Alex Moody said: "That few moments of that needle stick, you know saving that person's life...There's no weight scale to it. It just greatly outweighs the benefits as opposed to the negatives."