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Texomans Welcome the New Artesian Hotel


SULPHUR, OK-- Hundreds of Texomans gathered for their first look at the new Artesian hotel more than 50 years after the original burned to the ground.

It was a day of excitement and history for hundreds of Texomans that gathered to witness the Chickasaw nation's ribbon cutting for an historical building, the Artesian hotel.

 Loren white started working at the original Artesian built in the 1900's as a bell hop, when he was just 14 years old.
"My job was to learn how to manipulate the weight and the speed of the elevator so that the floor would match with the elevator cage so people could walk out without tripping," said White.

 The original artesian was built in 1906, but burned in 1962.  The new Artesian honors the historical architect of the old one.

White said he left the hotel before it burned down, but said he was glad he wasn't there to witness the tragedy.
"I loved this old place, it was important to me, it was important to everyone in Sulphur," said White.
The new 140,000 square ft. boutique hotel located on 1001 West First Street and has 81 rooms, as well as a spa, restaurant, a ballroom, pool and a casino.

Officials with the Chickasaw nation said the new hotel will bring more than 200 jobs to the area, and they said it will have a positive impact on the economy.

"It strengthens our local economies, that money then turns over in our local economy and it benefits all citizens within Murray County," said Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce.

Even though some residents said they're excited to see a new modernized hotel, they'll never forget the memories made at the old one, like hearing the voice of a parrot that belonged to one of the owners.
"When anybody passed by the parrot he would say "Polly wants a cracker, Polly wants a cracker," and people would walk by just to hear the parrot," said Sulphur resident Lenell Portman.

White also told us that the average cost of a room when he worked at the artesian was $1.25 and now the average cost ranges from $129-$229 a night.

The hotel will be open to guests beginning Monday August 5th.