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Crafty Creations - Branching Out


The Nursery Part 3

Here's the easiest craft with the shortest supply list we have done!


This will work as the unexpected mobile for the nursery, hang it by an air vent for effortless movement.



Supply List


Dead back yard branches-without poison ivy or bugs!

Spray paint

Twine, fishing line or jute

Small hooks/nails

Christmas balls-ornaments

Glow-in-the-dark Stars

Ribbons, wire hooks or shoe laces




Clean and paint the branches, this may take a few attempts to get all the thinner surfaces covered. Be patient & do several coats, making sure the previous coat is dry.


Play with the branches in the corner of the room first, to see the best way they'll hang.

They can also be placed on the wall, just make sure to avoid the eye poking height.

If you'd like a "floating" look, use the fishing line to hang the branch from ceiling hooks.

Small ones should work if you're hanging light weight objects. Regular twine or jute works also. Straightness has no relevance here, so have fun with "crooked". Nails work best at a steep angle. You may need to use both line & nails, depending on the branch.


Hang the largest branch first, if using more than one. The second can probably be added without the use of twine or hardware, just weave it though the first one.


DECORATE: the fun part!


Now add your color theme items, pair with glowing stars and or "bling".

Shiny Christmas balls come in every color now, you'll be sure to find your pallet.


Have the kid's make their own craft by purchasing clear Christmas balls, fill with

feathers, glitter or shredded paper. These come in plastic, a good idea for smaller hands.


Do you have yet another color change request coming from the pink room? This is an easy way to add another (or obnoxious) color to a room. With spray paint, shiny ornaments, some pillows and a throw blanket, you're done with little cost or arguing!




Cam-OH is all the rage. Use army green paint & you're the hero!


There are walls of theme ornaments out right now, in August for this project.

Transportation, hunting, fishing, sports, and sea life are all available.


Wrap a stuffed snake on the thickest part of the branch or hang the pink monkey in a safari room.


For the older son, here's a fun spot to show off the airplane models and keep them safe from destruction. Tear cotton balls for "clouds".




Hang birds, bugs, a kite, upside down bats or make a rainbow out of the room colors with ribbon.


A place for jewelry! Place a branch horizontal along the wall, keeping all perpendicular branches cut short. Hang the necklaces, earrings and school I.D. lanyards.


Elementary age children may like to decorate this for different holidays year ‘round, too.

 Have fun and get crazy, the best part, this is easy to change or remove and

will add some dimension and interest to your empty air space.

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