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North Texas Regional Airport Gears Up for Competition, Takes KTEN Under Its Wing


SHERMAN, TX--An international aerobatics competition is headed back to Texoma again this year, but what exactly is competitive aerobatics?? KTEN's Markie Martin took an inside look at the competition from new heights. 

Achieving complete mastery of an aircraft isn't for the faint of heart. Soaring the skies at speeds over 150 miles per hour and, at times, pulling over six G's can take a toll on your body.

With the world aerobatic championships being held in Grayson County for the first time in October, aerobatic pilots at North Texas Regional Airport gave Martin a behind-the-scenes glance at what it's like to view the world upside down, inside out and right-side-up.  

They wasted no time suiting her up for the ride of her life. After an emergency exit briefing, and after the camera crews were settled in ...It was go time. 

Martin flew with local pilot Curt Richmond, who took her up in his Pitts bi-plane--a popular choice among aerobatic airmen. With Richmond having logged well over 500 aerobatic hours...Martin said she felt like she was in pretty good hands.

Soon after takeoff, it was time to start maneuvering.  

Martin and Richmond did loops, snap and rolls, and hammerheads--when the aircraft climbs vertically until it loses speed and falls to the horizon!

Martin said it was exhilarating, heart-stopping and by far one of the most remarkable experiences of her life.

After forty-five minutes in flight, it was time to descend. Martin's stomach agreed. 

The talent at Grayson County was nothing short of impressive, but KTEN wanted to know more about the international flight show. Martin went to Mike Gallaway, one of the competition judges, to get the scoop.

Gallaway said he is expecting 62 pilots from 14 nations.

"We're setting up an international village, it's going to be a true world event," said Gallaway. "You're going to see all the best pilots from Europe and worldwide descend right here on Grayson County. Look, the world championship of anything is a big deal and this is a very big deal. We're so proud to have it in north Texas." 

The two-week event will be held from October 9th through the 20th. North Texas Regional pilots say competitions are much different from the flashy airshows many are used to seeing, but that anybody will be allowed to watch.  

To think that pilots in all over the world are practicing right now to come compete in Texoma is extraordinary. October will be here before you know it. After all, time flies when you're having fun!