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Denison High School Roof Catches On Fire


DENISON, TX -- A fire broke out at Denison High School, but the blaze was contained before it could cause major damage.

Firefighters tell us no one was around at the time of the fire on Sunday morning, and according to workers at the building, both neighbors and the fire alarm system alerted 911 at about the same time.

It happened around 9 a.m. at the back of the building on South Mirick. When firefighters showed up, they found some black smoke coming from one of the roofs on a section of the building located behind the Eisenhower Auditorium.

They used a ladder to get up there, and also sent firefighters into the darkened building to check for any flames. The acting battalion chief says there was a wire that possibly may have been involved, but the cause appears to be accidental.

"The fire did not get into the inside of the building, but there was smoke inside the structure," says Denison fire Capt. Mark Escamilla. "As far as any damage, it was all contained to the roof."

Firefighters did have to cut a small hole in that roof while checking for flames, Escamilla said. Workers opened the doors to try and let out the smokey smell, which spread through the auditorium side of the building.

The building is to be used as a high school for one more year before becoming the middle school. The city fire marshal is set to check out the building on Monday.