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Denison House Damaged In Afternoon Fire


DENISON, TX -- Firefighters say they know what caused a blaze that severely damaged a couple's home of eight years.

Smoke billowed from a house, sending firefighters rushing to stop the fire. "The flame was big at first because it was all wood on that side," says witness Garrett Guymon.

The fire happened around 1 p.m. at the corner of West Woodard and Maurice. Firefighters say a woman who lives inside and uses oxygen was smoking and that the fire was an accident.

"On arrival, we had flames showing and had crews on scene fairly quick and got a pretty reasonable knock down," says Denison acting fire battalion chief Michael Flippo.

"Everything that could be destroyed by fire is gone," says fire victim Joel Ljungkull.

Firefighters say the fire started in the side porch and they were able to keep it from spreading to the entire house, but there was some smoke damage inside the structure.

"At the doorway, that's just where the heavy smoke was rolling. There was some heavy smoke that spread through the house and a lot of it's blacked out from the heavy smoke," says Flippo.

"We saw the smoke and we ran over and I know Joel, he's a neighbor, so I saw him and his wife outside so I knew they were okay," says Guymon.

Guymon helped round up two Schipperke dogs, one of them handed him by Ljungkull, and the other suddenly showed up, but the residents were still looking for a third pet.

"We're okay. We're missing our cat. I'm afraid he might have been killed in the fire. All our artwork is gone. All our records for our business are gone," says Ljungkull.

The residents say they used the room as an office for rental properties. Firefighters pulled out a safe and furniture burned up by the fire. Two Red Cross volunteers showed up to help the couple, who do have homeowner's insurance.