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City of Durant Collaborates to Catch Identity Thieves


BRYAN COUNTY, OK-- one local city has come together in an effort to put a stop to bank fraud and identity theft. Durant police officers have teamed with the secret service to arrest two men they say are responsible for the debit card fraud and  identity theft epidemic that hit Durant during the first half of 2013.

Durant detective Drew Hale said,"Everybody worked pretty well together getting the information out, and to each other, so they could track this down."

Kevin Konstantinov and Elvin Alisuretov were located in Seattle, Washington. Hale says the two have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from local residents in the span of a few months.

"From my understanding, they would travel, fly in, putting skimming devices on fuel pumps, collect information and then go back home," said Hale. "Then use the information they obtained to withdraw money."

Hale says the scam affected every bank in Durant. Scott Flowers, chief banking officer of First United, says his bank quickly got involved with the case.

"We saw a definite pattern, and that there was fraud taking place," said Flowers. "We got involved and started locking down the specific accounts we knew were going to get hit by this.

Flowers said after he began to recognize a fraud pattern, the bank began calling its customers and local law enforcement to let them know that something was up.

Flowers said First United introduced a system called "Secure Checking" that will protect customers from financial and medical identity theft.

Officials with the Durant Police Department said they would like to thank all the local merchants and banks that helped bring the two victims to justice.