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Sherman Man Indicted For Murder After Toddler Dies


SHERMAN, TX -- A man faces a murder charge after police say a 21-month-old boy wound up with severe head injuries and later died.

Authorities say a man with no prior convictions had a hand in a toddler's death. According to the police report, the suspect had conflicting stories about how the boy was hurt.

Police say the mother told a Sherman officer she didn't know why her boy had head injuries, and that he'd been with her boyfriend the previous day.

"I see a lot of kids playing around here all the time and they seem really healthy and loving and just have a good time living," says neighbor Isaac Rodriguez.

A grand jury decided Salvador Moreno, 22, should go to trial for murder. Authorities say he killed a 21-month-old boy, Max Hernandez.

"By shaking him, by blunt force trauma, or by exact manner and means that are unknown to the grand jury. So there is a count of capital murder and there is also a count of first degree injury to a child," says assistant district attorney Kerye Ashmore.

It was back in May when an officer was dispatched here to the emergency room to check on Hernandez. Doctors told him the boy had severe head injuries including a cerebral edema and a subdural hemorrhage. He had to be taken by helicopter to Dallas.

According to the police report, Moreno later said a 3-year-old sister pushed Hernandez off a bed, but he'd allegedly failed to mention that before.

He also said he told the boy's mother on the phone that he was seizing, and they agreed to go to the hospital when she got home from work, the report stated.

Despite several days of treatment, Hernandez succumbed to his injuries. "The original charge was injury to a child and since the child died from the injuries then he was indicted for capital murder," says Ashmore.

Neighbors say Hernandez's mother, who was a hotel maid, has moved away from the place off North Travis Street where she was living when her boy received the fatal injuries.

"The family used to live here. They moved a while back. My sister used to play with them a lot," says Rodriguez.

Police say Moreno later admitted he was lying and never told anyone about the seizures. He is being held on $250,000 bond and an immigration detainer. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.