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Chickasaw Nation Medical Center Offers New Housing Option


PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK-- One local hospital is providing a new service to sick patients and their families. The Chickasaw nation medical center will now be providing out-of-towners a place to stay. Governor Anoatubby says it will be a home away from home for many families in need.

It's called the Chickasha House. It is a residential shelter that comes free of charge to family members of those receiving care at the hospital.

Bill Anoatubby, governor of Chickasaw Nation, says: "It's important for us to recognize that families are involved in this health care. Not just the patient, but the families."

Doctor Judy Parker, administrator of the Chickasaw Nation Division of Health, says it will give families a chance to recharge in-between hospital visits.

"Instead of maybe having to go find a place in the lobby or go back to sit in your car," says Parker, "they're going to be able to get some refreshment. Maybe watch a little television and just let their kids play...Get themselves revived so they can go back and meet the needs of their family member."

Chickasaw Nation officials say the house has only been an idea for the past ten years. Gov. Anoatubby says the house will be an important accommodation for many families.

"We know that when a loved one has an extended hospital stay, there are a lot of burdens that fall upon the family as well," says Anoatubby. "The Chickasha House is one way we can relieve a bit of that stress while the family member is receiving care."

The Chickasha House can comfortably fit eight families and comes with all of the amenities you would find in a hotel. And like a hotel, families will be able to come and go as they need.

Chickasaw Nation representatives say they have yet to shelter any families, but that it won't take long before they will be seeing a full house.