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Love County Dedicates Bridge to Fallen Hero


LOVE COUNTY, OK--  Love County officials are honoring one of its fallen heroes with a bridge dedication.

 The lance corporal Hatak-Yuka-Keyu- Martin Yearby USMC Memorial Bridge located on U.S. highway 77 is dedicated to Hatak Yearby.

 Yearby was killed while serving in Iraq in 2006.

 Love county commissioner Bub Peery said they wanted to honor the fallen hero for his service and sacrifice.

"He made his presence known, he was one of those people that everybody liked and everybody wanted to be around," said Peery.

Representative Tommy Hardin sponsored the bill to name the bridge after Yearby, and Senator Frank Simpson carried it to the senate's office.

Peery said he feels honored to have dedicated the bridge to someone who sacrificed so much for their country.