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FBI Agents Investigating After McCurtain Co. Toddler Dies


MCCURTAIN COUNTY, OK -- A suspicious death of a toddler has federal agents on the case tonight. Authorities say a two-year-old girl died yesterday outside of Idabel.

This case, which also involves a possible sex assault, is in the hands of the FBI. According to an FBI spokesman in Oklahoma City, the toddler died around noon on Tuesday.

This case is not being investigated by the Sheriff's office because it occurred in an area east of town that is considered "tribal land." It was referred instead to FBI agents out of Durant.

Agents are looking into this as a "suspicious death" and say the girl may have also been molested. "It was originally reported to McCurtain County Sheriff's office, but it occurred on Indian tribal land which makes it FBI jurisdiction," says FBI Special Agent Rick Rains. "At this point no charges have been filed, no arrests have been made."

We spoke with a relative who says the girl had been with the mother's boyfriend. Agents confirm someone is being held in jail on unrelated charges, but they would not comment on whether he is a suspect.

An autopsy will be performed on the toddler, which is standard procedure to try to determine more about how she died, and eventually figure out why.