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Crafty Creations: Baby Room Ideas On A Budget


Brenda and Lisanne are on a roll with the royal baby fun. This week, part two of inexpensive ways to decorate a nursery or change the colors and works for a big kid too!

 For your ROYAL baby, here are some easy and very economical ideas, paired with last week' canvas craft, a color theme and style choice; your coordination takes the nursery from predictable to creative!



COLORS: Pink & brown

THEME: farm




½-1yrd of burlap-$2.99 yrd

Ruler, scissors, chalk

Straight pins

Measuring tape


Glue gun or fabric glue

Tension rod

Buttons, bows, twine, ribbon

Mod Podge & brushes- optional


How easy is this! Burlap comes in array of colors now, natural chosen here, since the nursery walls are pink.


I measured the window, 30" x 33", then added 12" to the width, for just a gentle wave of fabric. Burlap should not be washed, so don't throw this in your machine before the craft!

The usual length for a valance is 12-18", remembering to add extra for the tension rod pocket. This one is cut 18", to allow for a 3" rod pocket, making the length 15" when finished.


If it has been folded, the burlap may need a light ironing to remove creases. Using a light spray of water won't do any damage.


Measure, mark with chalk and cut the burlap to your window specifications.

Chalk will disappear with a light wipe of a damp cloth.


With the burlap horizontal, fold the top edge forward, this will be the rod pocket, pin and iron. Now is the time to fray the fabric if you want the look I used this morning.


With your glue gun (or fabric glue) apply the glue in small amounts, above the fray, removing pins as you work across the pocket. The fabric has an open weave, so be careful of back side glue ooze and your Grandmother's priceless table!


Now the pocket is ready for the trial run with the tension rod.


The fun part is embellishment!


Add the buttons, bows, or ribbons above the fray edge, making sure not to SEW buttons in the path of the tension rod.


I used 11 buttons here, placing the largest in the middle first then working from the center, arranging and re-arranging until I liked the pattern.


Fray the bottom edge of the valance if you like, & you're ready to place this in the window!




Burlap triangles-3

Twine-3 ft.

Glue gun

Wooden letters- 4/$1.00

Craft Glue


Iron on rick rack

Ruler & chalk


This easy garland was made for burlap triangles. You can buy these already cut out or cut them yourself. Mine are 8" across the top & 10" on the 2 sides.


Make a pattern if you like from cardboard to trace on the burlap or just use chalk and a ruler for your cutting lines.


I overlapped the triangle's 8" top edges and glued them directly onto the center of the twine. If you'd like the fabric to not fray, apply some Mod Podge to the edges of the burlap.


Now embellish with buttons, ribbons, rick-rack or painted wooden letters. I did pink paint on the letters here, with a light coat of shiny Mod-Podge.


Again, remember that burlap has an open weave, and glue will seep through. Use in small amounts


Spell out baby's name, "SHHH", "SWEET" or "YEEHA"!


Knot the ends of the twine for display, attaching to a nail or hook.







Every nursery has stuffed animals. I found these at the local thrift stores, most for $1.

Many themes can be represented, sea life, jungle and in this case, the farm. Instead of a gift bag, use a basket, also a thrift store find. Presentation is everything! Add a ribbon, and DONE!


NOTE: For baby wash all pre-owned animals first, or put them in the dryer with a dryer sheet for about 10min.


"Creativity is innovation with a job to do." J. Emmerling