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Update on the Reopening of Lake Randell


DENISON, TX---- The warm weather and bright sunny days make conditions at Randell Lake perfect for boating and fishing.

"It's a place to come and relax," technical services supervisor Angus Evans said.

However, now it's been more than two years since the lake has seen any sort of activity due to several improvement projects that have closed down the lake.

"The building of the new raw water pump station is what shut it down for the first time," Evans said.

Now, many Texomans are getting anxious and are wondering when the projects will be complete and when the lake will officially reopen.

"They're curious as to when the lake is going to open back up because some of them have been coming out here for most of their lives and they would like to have their lake back open," Evans said.

The lake was originally set to reopen by this December at the latest, but now Evans said it could take up to another year for it to officially reopen. So far, several of the projects have been completed.

"We built a new clear well, made new improvements at the plant and installed a new raw water pump station to decommission an 100-year-old intake structure out here in the lake," Evans said.

Today, he said there are still a few more improvement projects left.

"The next project is replacing the flood gates with little OG weir spillways," Evans said.

"The state of Texas requires us to be able to open all 23 gates within a length of time and we  can't do that manually," said plant manager Dean Rylant when asked why the flood gates needed to be replaced.

After the spillways are done, Evans said they plan to construct a stilling basin. Once that is completely finished, he said the lake will be ready for the public's enjoyment.