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Texoma tweens take over ownership of decades-old business


SHERMAN -- For most children, being out of school for the summer means sleepovers and swimming, but two Texoma tweens are busy trying to build their brand new business.

There's no sleeping in this summer for Caylan Vickers, 14 or her sister, Cadey, 10. The two wake up before 6am because they have to open the doors of their recently purchased feed store.

"It's a lot different than being the normal kid going to a school. It's a lot of responsibility," Caylan said.

While Texoma Feed and Garden is new to them, it originally opened in 1873. Caylan and Cadey took over ownership last month from a couple in their 80's who were having a tough time keep the business up and running, something Caylan and Cadey say they quickly learned isn't easy.

"We move feed almost every day, I work the cash register, I write, handwrite the tickets and count back the change," Caylan said.

But owning a business isn't all serious.

"Owning a business is actually more fun than hard work," Cadey said.

As 4H members, before buying the business, the girls had only come to the store as customers to buy food for their farm. But when approached about buying out the store, their father helped coordinate the deal. "She asked if we were interested in buying the feed store," Wilson said. "She didn't want it to close."

Because the family wasn't able to finance the store on their own, Wilson said the deal hinged on a handshake.

"We didn't have anything for collateral. We just agreed to pay them back and we promised that we would pay them all of the money and we shook their hands and the deal was done," Wilson said.

For that reason, he says no one receives a paycheck because all the money they make from sales goes directly towards paying back the former owners.

Right now, the young entrepreneurs are working to make over the store, painting the exterior and replacing the street signs. As for what will happen once the girls go back to school, Wilson is retired and has agreed to work for them for at least a year.

The business is located at 1100 N. Frisco Road in Sherman.