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Man Shot Dead In Carter Co. Domestic Dispute


CARTER COUNTY, OK -- A man is dead and another man under arrest after a shooting near Ratliff City that authorities believe may have been a domestic dispute.

A man who went with his girlfriend to get some of her stuff from an ex-boyfriend's house was shot once and killed, and now the ex-boyfriend is being held on a murder charge, Sheriff Ken Grace said.

The quiet country road was closed off by police cars in front of the house, as a man's body lay in the grass.

"One of the truck drivers came up and said, 'There's a body over there laying in the middle of the road that has blood all over it,' and shortly after, police showed up," says Teddy Thomas, who works nearby. "I think I saw three of them get out of their cars and draw their guns and search around the house and the premises."

Deputies were called to Knob Hill Road and Hallmark around 2 p.m. on Sunday and found Sammy Beaird dead. They arrested Travis Gillaspy.

"I told my wife I figured he shot somebody. Whenever I saw the flashing lights, that's just what I figured," says Thomas.

Investigators spent several hours on the scene, collecting evidence and taking photos along with talking to witnesses. It wasn't long before they had a pretty clear picture of what they believe happened.

Gillaspy is the ex-boyfriend of the same woman who Beaird was currently dating, Undersheriff Milton Anthony said.

"I don't know if I've even seen the guy. I've seen the girl outside on occasion," says Paul Deitzler, who works nearby.

A neighbor says he's rented the house to Gillaspy, who works in the oil fields, for more than five years, and a woman had moved in. Workers just behind the house who reclaim oil from old drilling water say they recognize Gillaspy.

"I heard a gun shot earlier but I didn't think anything of it because that guy's always shooting," says Thomas.

"The one night we were out here and my fiancee brought me lunch out and it was like quarter of ten and he was shooting shots out of the back of the house, ricocheting off the stones and stuff like that," says Deitzler.

As the investigation continues, surprised neighbors want answers. "Normally we don't have any problems with anything out here, just like typical country. That's one of the reasons we came here to get retired, just get away from everything," says neighbor Jim Pulis.

A car was towed away from the scene. Gillaspy was arrested and taken to the Carter County Jail. Grace says both men had guns and it will be up to the district attorney to determine whether it was self-defense. Deputies and the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office are investigating.