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Bryan Co. Woman Wants Help For A Domesticated Deer


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Spotting wild deer is not all that uncommon, but one local woman says a domesticated deer that came out of nowhere practically adopted her. Now she says she needs help finding out who it belongs to before something bad happens to it.

The woman who lives off Bokchito Road tells us that the deer always seems to be hungry, and it's even eaten pizza out of her garbage. She's been helping it, but says she can't keep on doing so indefinitely.

The woman says she's taking care of a young buck with an orange collar that showed up at her house. "He just wouldn't leave," says Lee Jessie.

Jessie says the young deer, who she calls "Baby," has always acted friendly -- except once. "He actually chased me around my car and he was on his back legs, but he was not being aggressive with his front legs. They were just basically hanging there like this and as I would back up, he would come forward," says Jessie.

"It came over to me I think it thought I was gonna feed it and I stuck my hand out and I didn't have anything and then he got upset, and it reared up," says neighbor Saundra Baugh, who met the deer once.

Jessie says she's seen people in the area harassing "Baby" and that she's afraid for the animal's safety because of its willingness to approach humans.

"What I saw was them physically hit him across the shoulders and the back with a hoe with the blade down," says Jessie.

Jessie says that the wayward deer first showed up in the yard back in April. She says because of the way it was behaving, it seemed to need help, so she decided to feed it.

"I have actually talked to the game wardens. I've talked with Oklahoma Wildlife association, the Tishomingo Wildlife Refuge," says Jessie.

Then she called KTEN. We found out the deer belonged to a neighbor who raised him from a baby. "They found it in a hay pasture and it was alone and everything so I guess they kind of brought it in and fed it and took care of it, and pretty much it's just came and gone as it pleases," says Miranda Wright, a nurse who works for a family down the street.

The neighbor says she wants the deer back, but Jessie says she called a wildlife office in Oklahoma City and was told Friday that someone will come and put the deer in a crate and take it away to a safe place. "I'm hoping that they'll actually collar him so I can actually keep track of where he's at and how he's doing," says Jessie.

County game wardens say it's okay to raise a truly injured deer until adult, if you get a rehabilitation license, but that when someone finds a fawn, the older deer are often hiding nearby. Jessie says the deer is now an adult and a wildlife agent is supposed to come on Monday.