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Authorities find plane reported missing in Texoma


UPDATE -- A map of Bryan County spread out across the hood of a police cruiser laid the framework for an early morning search for a plane reported missing somewhere between Paris and Durant.

"Myself, along with Calera One, got together and set up the grid coordinates for the location that we had and the direction of the plane that we had," OHP Trooper B.J. Keeling said.

The OHP says more than 50 emergency responders began to search for the small plane and its passengers which the FAA says it lost contact shortly before 9:30am.

"They could not contact the pilot and could not do an emergency ping on the equipment in the plane," Keeling said.

The FAA says the pilot requested radar flight following before taking off from Cox Field in Paris but never notified the FAA when the plane landed.

To complicate matters more, the FAA says the pilot gave them an inaccurate tail number and never entered a formal flight plan.

A missing plane report was issued by the FAA out of Forth Worth sending emergency  responders into search mode.

"We pretty much had a 50 miles radius that we had to cover," Keeling said.

But, when the FAA says when it figured out it was all a mix-up it was able to locate the plane. Despite early reports that the plane landed in Fannin County, it was located at North Texas Regional Airport in Denison, and the search was called off.

"I've worked a couple of plane incidents and it's not a good scenario so … everything turned out good on this one," Keeling said.

The tower at North Texas Regional Airport  says the plane belongs to a flight school based out of the airport.

[Posted: Jul 19, 2013 11:44 AM CDT]
BRYAN COUTY -- A plane thought to have gone missing while headed from Paris, TX to Durant, OK has been located.

The plane left Paris in route to Durant, OK around 9am Friday, and at 9:27, the FAA out of Fort Worth lost contact with the plane. A search for the plane was initiated in Bryan County, but officials have now told KTEN that the plane had just stopped off in Fannin County, but never contacted anyone. As of 11:30 AM Friday morning the plane was grounded in Fannin County, and it will be called back to Paris for an investigation and inspection. OHP says everyone on board the plane is okay.

Our reporter on the scene is gathering more information and we'll have more details as available.