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Crafty Creations: Easy Summer Canvas Craft


"I'm Bored!!" Sound familiar? For an EZ, fun, economical summer craft, you need just a few supplies and imagination. When it's time to stay indoors and out of the Texas heat,

create some cool art work!!

Lisanne and Brenda teamed up for this weeks Crafty Creations





Art canvas

Painter's tape

Craft paint

Sponge brushes

Mod Podge-optional



Board canvas, 9"x12" comes in a pack of 3 at the craft store for about $7. They're easy to hang with a plastic saw-tooth stick on or a ribbon with hot glue. Craft paint starts at less than $1. each, and a pack of sponge brushes is about $1.50.


Paint the whole canvas one color* & let dry. Add the painter's tape to make stripes or several different sized sections. With sponge brushes, paint the sections or stripes. Let dry to see if a second or third coat is needed. (Not waiting until it's dry can remove wet paint) After all is painted and dry, remove the tape. DONE!


Adding ribbons, twine, names with felt or wood letters, & other embellishments is fun and adds texture and personality. Just use the glue gun or fabric glue to attach. Keeping the canvas plain looks cool, too, maybe make a set of 3 to hang together. If you'd like to add stickers, the card stock style works best on canvas. For heavier items, Epoxy is best.


To get a shiny finish add, a layer of Mod Podge, which comes in glitter and glow-in-the-dark also. (Fun for the boys) It can also be used for adhering thinner items.


The paint is water based, so there's an easy clean up.

It's a good choice if you want to do hand prints-just wash with soap.

Remember to wear old clothes and have newspaper or cardboard to protect the working surface.




Buy dark colors and a couple bottles of WHITE, then mix for lighter shades.


  • If the base coat on the canvas is a darker color, say, black, brown or navy, a couple layers of white maybe needed before painting the lighter color chosen. I needed several coats of yellow over my black section.


Acrylic dries quickly, so if a mistake is made, wait until the area is dry & repaint.



Colored shoe laces, tulle or leather strips are great for hanging the canvas.


Let the kids have fun and be creative, they will be proud to have their work displayed.


"The nature of having ideas & creativity is incredibly inspiring." Jonathan Ive