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Lake Murray Lodge Moving Forward


ARDMORE, OK-- Plans for a new luxury hotel at Lake Murray State Park are about the take a huge step forward.

Clayton Moreno said he's been coming to Lake Murray in Ardmore ever since he was a kid and said this is the first time he's brought his own family to the lake, and that he's excited about news of a new lodge.

"We were just walking around last night and we thought it the lodge was really cool but at the same time it looked like it was kind of old and it needed to be renovated so we're really excited to hear that news," said Moreno.

Park Officials said the $27,000,000 project won't cost taxpayers a dime, they said the money is coming from state funds.
"The vast majority of the funds will be coming from proceeds of oil and gas explorations," said Kris Marek, Director of state parks.

Officials said construction for the project it set to start in August of this year. Park lodge manager Lewis Logan said it's something that's been in the works for several years now.

"We shut these 25 cabins down that were to the south of us where the new lodge was going to be built and those were shut down for three years or four years, until they were demolished," said Logan.

Logan said after demolishing those cabins, they lost a little bit of revenue but said with the new lodge he's confident business will boom.

"I think all of those people will come back that we've lost once we have the new lodge up I think you'll see our new business expand dramatically,' said Logan.

In addition to building a new lodge with bigger and better rooms, officials said park-goers will now have a brand new restaurant to look forward to, something they say they're excited about.

"I can't wait to try that, that will be really cool to actually have some place you now to go after you get done off the lake or swimming just going up to the new restaurant and try that out," said Moreno.

Logan said in addition to working on a new lodge, they're currently renovating cabins.