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2 Ringling Men Charged After Teen's Overdose


JERFFERSON COUNTY, OK-- A local district attorney said a massive party in a field with hundreds of teens, quickly took a turn for the worse when two 15-year-olds overdosed. 

It happened just outside of Ringling Oklahoma. It's an empty field now, but on July 6th local teenagers said it was full of music, alcohol and partying.

The party was called "Project Mud Creek." The teens said they got the idea after watching a popular Hollywood film called "Project X."

In the movie teens throw a massive party, something these Ringling teens said they were trying to recreate in an empty field just outside of town.

Flint Wilson was one of the hundreds of people that attended the party after hearing about it on Facebook.

"It was just a bunch of friends having a good time, I didn't see anything wrong about it at the time," said Wilson.

Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Carrie Hixon said the party had been planned for about 2 months and people from as far away as Michigan, Texas and even Germany came out to party. 

Just a few hours after the part started, Officials with the Jefferson county sheriffs office were called out to the field.

"There had been reports of underage people drinking, overdosing on large amounts of alcohol, and possibly some illegal substances marijuana and bath salts," said Hixon.

Hixon said at least four teens were taken to the hospital for excessive drinking and excessive intake of illegal drugs. She calls the party dangerous and irresponsible after a 15 yea-old girl was taken to the hospital after she overdosed on possible marijuana and bath salts.

2 Ringling men, 19-year-old Ashton Phillip Wade and 23-year-old Sonny Stewart have been charged with felonies for providing alcohol to minors.

"They're not realizing the consequences and the seriousness of it especially when they had been drinking excessively to the extent that they had been drinking," said Hixon.

 Wilson said it sounded like a good time, but he said he learned a life long lesson he wants to share with other teens.

"Don't do it, that's all I have to say just don't do it," said Wilson.

Hixon the ages ranged at the party with the youngest person at the party being possibly 12 years old.

She said the teens that were transported were treated and released.