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Ardmore School Board Approves Lunch raise


ARDMORE,OK- Students in Ardmore City Schools can expect to pay an extra 5 cents for lunch this year. School board members voted 3-0 to approve the increase at their board meeting Tuesday night.

The increase is only for lunch, the price will go from $1.15 to a $1.20 for elementary grades 1 through 5 and $1.25 to $1.30 for high school and middle school students.

School officials said breakfast will now be free for all students including those that are not on free and reduced lunch.

Officials said it's part of a mandated request by the FDA, and in addition to increasing the price the choices on the menu will change as well.

"Generally the high school and middle school I'm focusing on taking down the number of items that we offer offering healthier choices and more age group appropriate choices," said Jennifer Roach, Child Nutrition Director.

One of the choices includes a salad bar. Roach said the extra 5 cent increase in lunch prices is not related to the menu change. 

She said they receive their funds through reimbursement from students that are on free and reduced lunches at a cost $2.79.