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New Jobs Coming to Durant


DURANT, OK -- The town of Durant is expanding with several new businesses, and that means more opportunities for those looking for a job.

Several businesses are going up around Durant.  And that means more jobs for the area.

"We currently have five building projects that are occurring when they are completed at the end of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 that will create about a hundred and sixty new jobs for our citizens in Durant," explains Tommy Kramer, the Executive Director of Durant Industrial Authority.

The success of the town can be attributed to several community players.

"Our Mayor and city council, our Durant Industrial Authority board, and our economical development counsel work together and we call that team Durant and we are all about jobs, good paying jobs with benefits that improves the quality of life for our citizens," explains Kramer.

The Mayor of Durant, Jerry Tomlinson, is very proud. It means a lot to him the young adults of Durant have opportunities.

"There is opportunity here now, an opportunity to stay here and grow a family and enjoy those sort of things instead of having to move off to find good employment."

The Mayor says the unemployment numbers in Durant are just below 5%.  Some of lowest in the state.  However members of team Durant say there is still a lot to be done.

"We are not where we need to be nor want to be but over the years we have been able to improve in our quality of life," says Mayor Tomlinson.

Durant continues to seek other opportunities for the town to grow.

"Each week we have companies that are making appointments, coming to our community, looking at sites, looking at buildings to relocate or expand their business in our community. Its exciting," says Kramer.